How Work Smarter, Not Harder Changed The Way We Think

When it comes to business and life in general, work smarter not harder has become a mantra for many of us. We've all worked hard right? When I started my career, I began as a brickies labourer. Man that s a physically demanding job! Up at dawn and out in the sun all day with [...]

What To Do After Launching A Website

Look at you fancy pants! Congratulations on launching your new website! Woohoo! You've finally launched your website and it's taken its place among the millions of other websites online…. but now what? What should you be doing right after launching a website? If you've just launched, chances are you pushed yourself (or your web designer) to [...]

The Best Ecommerce Plugin For WordPress Isn’t Just A Plugin

Trying to find the best ecommerce plugin for wordpress? This can be a painful and drawn out experience. I recently had to research dozens of ecommerce solutions and not once did I find the best solution organically using Google. But I'm going to share it with you today. After looking through countless ecommerce plugins, one [...]