7 Brilliant Ways to Generate QUALITY Leads

7 Brilliant Ways to Generate QUALITY Leads

First, do you really need more leads? You may be surprised by the answer. Sometimes you don't need more leads — you need more quality leads. Today we're going to look at ways to generate leads that you can incorporate into your lead generation strategies quickly and easily. If you have plenty of leads but none of them are becoming buyers, [...]

Seth Godin: How To Make Content Go Viral

“I hate internet quotes because it's hard to confirm their validity.” —George Washington Me and Seth's digital ghost* go way back. I've been learning from him for almost a decade, and we're practically drinking buddies now. The thing about this guy is, he didn't get famous just because he looks like a turtle, and his [...]

What’s Better Than 4,239 Twitter Leads in 4 Hours?

Discover The Three Ways To Garner Such A Quick Following. Sometimes curiosity sucks. Watching a rat snake swallow a real life Twitter bird is absolutely horrific. Thank you YouTube, for ruining my breakfast. It reminded me of a Twitter lead capturing experiment I tried, back in my mad social media scientist days. Watching your Twitter followers grow from zero [...]

11 Ways to Generate QUALITY Leads With LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Lead-Building Strategy That Could Be Rooted In Ancient History. It can be traced back to methods employed by the Egyptians, as well as the olympic training methods of the Grecians. These olympians believed that the champions were the ones who trained holistically; they nurtured the mind and soul as much as the body. The Egyptians taught [...]