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If you've ever been disappointed by your website’s performance, or wished that you were the one your customers turned to online, then this may be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s why…

Your website is often your first and best opportunity to attract customers, build a relationship and inspire them to take action. With the right blend of beauty, function, search optimization, analytics and persuasive content, you have the most powerful marketing tool available today.

• Your customers are actively searching for you online.
• More than 50% of web surfers use mobile devices.
• Online customer acquisition costs are only a fraction of brick and mortar.

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Can you afford to keep losing sales because of a poorly executed marketing strategy?

All the right ingredients to succeed

Put your best for forward and grow your business using digital marketing

Look great

No matter where your potential customers are coming from, you'll look great. Desktop, Laptop, Table or Mobile.


Get ranked on Google and give yourself the opportunity to win new customers with our search engine friendly websites.


Your website can grow as you grow. Page by page, image by image - easily and quickly. You have total control.

Why Choose Us?

We expertly design and implement effective marketing and sales conversion knowledge into every website.
Be Proud

You should be proud of your online presence. You want somewhere to show off what you're offering to the world and your website is your #1 asset to do exactly that!

That's why it's so important to get it right, what's more, we'll ensure it's fully extendable so it compliments all of your lead generation and sales conversions you'll ever need.

Are you losing traffic because your site isn’t mobile friendly?

It’s important to not only have an attractive and functional website design – it must also work for everyone at all times and under all circumstances. Your Digital Domination website design functions perfectly and looks spectacular on PC’s, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

We make sure you give your customers exactly what they want!

Are you losing business to your competitors because your website looks unprofessional?

Think of your website as a master salesman who’s on duty 24/7. With quality content, blogs, landing pages and a total design that’s optimized to generate leads, your Digital Domination website works tirelessly to increase profits and engage your customers.

Who’s easier to find – you or your competition?

With our in-depth knowledge of Google and Bing search engine marketing and our expertise at interpreting and adapting to analytics, you’re sure to profit from your website. All pages are SEO (search engine optimized) enabled and all activity is tracked and we actively hone your website for maximum performance, maximum leverage and maximum profits.


Digital Domination is absolutely brilliant! Steve and his team went beyond expectation to ensure that my website was not only what I wanted, but extremely effective. They really know their stuff, more than anyone else I have used previously. I had been seriously let down by previous web development companies, but not Digital Domination. They worked hard to get the best results for my business and have been extremely supportive even after the job was completed. I cannot recommend them enough for any business!

Peter Shilkin - Owner of Dream AV

Project Timeline

  • Phase 1: Design Brief
    Together we discuss your design requirements and create the vision for the way your new website will look and flow with navigation and content. Day 1 - 5
  • Phase 2: Concept & Feedback
    Our designers get to work on the initial concept of the home page. This is where we incorporate your logo, colours, layout and navigation ideas. You then give us feedback on modifications and alterations until it's just right. Day 5 - 19
  • Phase 3: Finalise Design
    Now that we know what the home page is going to look like, we build the inner pages for your review. Day 19 - 20
  • Phase 4: Development
    Once the design is all signed off, we get busy with the development of your new website. When it's complete we launch it onto our demo server for your final review before launch.
  • Phase 5: Launch Day
    Everything is ready to go live in 3, 2, 1 GO! We launch your new website and do the final stress test checking every link and web form. We then register the site with the search engines and install Google Analytics on your behalf. Day 59 - 60
  • Jason Dalessio
    I have been thoroughly impressed by the service received from the team at Digital Domination. We have already had positive feedback from many potential clients on the quality and professionalism of our website.
    Jason Dalessio
  • Sarah Kinsey
    When it comes to our Digital Strategy, there's no better people to strategise with than the team at Digital Domination. I now don't have to worry about minor details as I know they're all taken care of. Simply brilliant.
    Sarah Kinsey