Sales & Marketing Automation

Ease your workload and increase your sales

Marketing Automation – the secret ingredient that does more than make your website work for you – it puts it to work for you

Do your online sales funnels – even your offline sales funnels – have leaks in them?

The surprising news is that they do – it’s just part of doing business. Your customers, just like you, shop around, research their options and try to pick the best solution.

It’s natural – but this is often how you can lose a sale. Closing a sale is a delicate process, and many companies lose customers because when they don’t buy right away, there isn’t an effective follow-up system to bring them back.

Don’t let this happen to you – let us help make your sales funnels water-tight…

Are you frustrated by doing the same tasks each and every day?

Digital Domination creates, maintains and hones a time tested and proven sales and marketing automation system to increase your website’s influence on your business and take the burden of time and budget consuming tasks off your hands.

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Marketing Automation decreases overhead, increases sales conversions and eliminates headaches

Stay at the top of your customers mind

Would you like to be able to continually connect with prospects without having to do all the tedious work by hand?
Like Clockwork

Make your business more efficient by implementing these ideas;
1. A lead follow-up process that is foolproof for your sales team to follow and that you can easily review.

2. An email nurturing sequence that keeps your prospects informed about your products and services.

3. An easy-to-use FAQ sheet that can be sent to a new prospect at the click of a button.

4. SMS marketing campaigns that arrive on mobile phones - with the highest opening rates.

Know Where Your sales come from

If you've ever lost a deal and don’t know why, don’t just take the sales rep’s word for it. Let Digital Domination seal the leaks in your sales processes.

Digital Domination doesn't just help increase your sales rates by setting up an automated sales nurturing system, we decrease your overhead. We allow you to focus on what’s important in your business while your Digital Domination automated sales processes capture, engage and close more sales for you.

Perhaps the best feature of marketing automation is that it improves over time. Digital Domination automates your tasks – however, we aren’t on autopilot. We’re always watching, testing, learning and improving your processes to maximize your returns while minimizing your expenses.

• Get a leg up on your competition.
• Easily scale with the aid of a powerful, effective and profitable digital sales process.


Let us turn your sales sieve into a sales funnel!

Digital Domination lives up to our name and we give your business the power to dominate your industry on the web. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can lower the cost and raise the profits for you!
  • Jason Dalessio
    I have been thoroughly impressed by the service received from the team at Digital Domination. We have already had positive feedback from many potential clients on the quality and professionalism of our website.
    Jason Dalessio
  • Sarah Kinsey
    When it comes to our Digital Strategy, there's no better people to strategise with than the team at Digital Domination. I now don't have to worry about minor details as I know they're all taken care of. Simply brilliant.
    Sarah Kinsey