Meet Edgar Review – Social Media Scheduling & Automation

I recently stumbled across Meet Edgar and thought I should do a review of this social media scheduling tool.

I should also say, Edgar has now totally changed the way I manage my social media accounts.

Meet Edgar is now my go-to tool instead of Hootsuite which I've used for so long. I've only been using Edgar for 2 weeks and I'm already convinced it's better suited for me than any other social media scheduling tool I've used in the past.

There are a number of reasons for this, which I'll explain a little later in this post.

If you've been using social media like Facebook and Twitter for business, then you'll already be familiar with the overwhelm that can come from managing multiple platforms and even regularly posting to each.

If you're a large business, you probably outsource your social media management and in that case, couldn't care less about what social media tool they are using.

But as a small business owner, time is limited, as well as funds. But you still want to make an impact right?

Here's what you're probably experiencing right now on twitter.

  • Post Twitter Status
  • 60 seconds later – your status is gone and you're lucky if any of your followers read it…

Disheartening right?

That's what my Twitter feed looked like for a long time.

When I was using Hootsuite, I would often schedule some of my tweets to be repeated – especially the tweets to important evergreen blog posts or specific opt-ins I had created.

So my schedule would be something like this;

  • Post today
  • Post today 1 hour later
  • Post today 3 hours later
  • Post tomorrow 3 times
  • Post next week twice
  • Post once each following week
  • Post in 3 months time
  • Post in 12 months time

Hootsuite would then automatically post those messages according to my schedule. The problem was though, I had to set this schedule up every single time I wanted to share content!

What makes it even more difficult is that I have an audience that is in different time zones!

So my Australian audience would see some posts, but my American, Canadian and English audience wouldn't see those at all.



Meet Edgar

Edgar changes all of that.

Now, I can set up an automated schedule in a way that I want my content to be published.


The above schedule is what I set up the day I got into Edgar. I haven't optimised it or really fleshed this out, but for the purpose of this article it should give you an idea of what's going on.

Each weekday, I've scheduled 5 posts to go live to my twitter account.

The category of tweets under !Typical Business are either my own blog posts or other helpful articles I've come across that I want to share with people that follow me. Generally around small business success and marketing.

I've also added some Inspirational/Funny tweets – things that I love that make me laugh or get me motivated, along with Random and tweets of a personal nature.

This is then my schedule. Edgar will take these time slots and automatically post whatever I've put into the queue.

The Library & Queue

Whenever I come across a great piece of content that I want to share, I simply add it to my library.

Edgar makes this easy with a nice extension for my Chrome browser. I just click the extension icon and it pops up with a window to add a piece of content to my library as shown below;



As you can see, a popup appears and I just choose my account that I want to post to – select my category and type in my text. Edgar will automatically grab the page title as well as the link and if you connect to your account will automatically shorten the link when the status is posted.

Cool hey?

After spending some time, your library will quickly fill up with a whole bunch of content – great content you want to share.

Meet Edgar Queue


I can then look at my queue and see what content is going to be posted and when.

I can choose to edit the content, which not only updates it for the next post, but also saves the revised content in the content library. Or, if I choose to I can randomly swap content for something else in my library.

This gives me total control over what I want to automatically schedule and I can review the queued content whenever I like to make sure I'm happy with what is going to be published.

What happens to your updates?

Here's a key difference between Edgar and other tools. Edgar simply moves the most recent status update from the front of your queue to the end of your queue.

So whatever updates your scheduling will be rotated forever until you remove it from your library.

How bloody awesome is that!

Meet Edgar Categories

One thing I absolutely love about Meet Edgar is the ease of which I can view my posts in each category. I should add, categories are whatever you want them to be. So make up a list of what's most logical for your business then just add content to each category as you see fit.


In my case, I have several different categories which helped me get started. As you can see above, I have various scheduled updates in each (except promotional content – that's coming!).

If I click on Inspirational/Funny, it will show me the 8 shares that I've added and I can choose to edit, delete or add more updates. This just makes sure my content is current and up to date.

So Who Should Use Meet Edgar?

Digital Agencies

If you're managing social media accounts as an agency, Meet Edgar will definitely tick some boxes, however there are a few things you should consider;

  • You can't manage engagement in Edgar (yet). If someone responds to a post or tweet, you'll need to respond via the social media platform itself. This is one area that Hootsuite wins.
  • It's missing some platforms like Google+ I'm sure it's coming as Meet Edgar is still in Beta.

Small Business Owners & Soloprenuers

If you're lacking time to manage your own social media accounts, there's a really good chance Edgar is going to be just right for you.

Hootsuite for a few social media accounts is free, and might be your preferred starting platform. However, since using Edgar in less than 2 weeks I've gained over 40 more followers on Twitter – and I haven't even scraped the surface.

Edgar is also a massive time saving. I know my content will be delivered regularly at times that I've chosen – and when I just want to add 1 off items I can choose to use Edgar or just post things live immediately.

I'm all for automation and time savings as a business owner. Edgar really helps me do both of those and I'm sure it can make a positive difference to your social media efforts also.

If you're using either Hootsuite or Edgar – please leave a comment and let me know what your experience is like. I'd love to hear your thoughts.