Lead Generation

The science behind getting leads

What do you do when the phone won’t ring?
Have you ever been frustrated by an empty email inbox?

Have you ever wondered where all the customers are, why the phone isn’t ringing and if all that money you’re pumping into AdWords is really worth it?

Would you like to turn a lead trickle into a deluge of new customers?

If your digital marketing isn’t bringing in a steady stream of profits, and you answered yes to any of these questions, then Digital Domination has a solution that you’ll love.

No more wondering where your customers are – we’ll send them your way

A successful business thrives on a steady flow of quality, and qualified, sales leads. In the digital age, these leads can come from social media, search engine traffic, pay per click (PPC) ads and other sources. The trouble is knowing how to manage these resources to maximize your leads and minimize your investment in time and money.

That’s what we do best.

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Digital Domination offers you a fully comprehensive, fully managed web-based lead generation program that has been tested and proven over and over to work.

Why Choose Us?

We'll get your phone to ring, we'll fill up your inbox and we'll squeeze every ounce of revenue out of your marketing budget.
Great Returns

We offer you:

• Advanced digital marketing strategies for PPC and social media ads.
• Creation and weekly split testing of all ads.
• Complete keyword management.
• We only manage – you have complete ownership of Facebook and AdWords accounts.
• Weekly and bi-weekly reporting in either full detail or executive summary.
• Greater share of ad impressions, improved click through rates and lower click costs.
• We track your conversions and continually analyse customer acquisition costs.

No hidden costs

Our fees are totally transparent and you have complete control!

Trim the fat – Run lean and run profitably

Not only will we send you potential new customers, we’ll keep the wheat and weed out the chaff.

It’s not just about getting calls or emails, or big numbers – you need hot leads that are as close to a purchasing decision as possible. Digital Domination gives you just that – complete domination over your web-based lead generation.

• Attract hungry customers with a ravenous appetite for your products and services.
• Reap the harvest of a PPC AdWords and Facebook marketing program that pays for itself.
• Take your rightful place at the forefront of your industry.
• Serve more customers by making certain that they find you instead of an inferior competitor.

01 - Branding
Consumer confidence can be built by an ongoing branding campaign - greater click through rates occur even just from bidding on your brand name.
02 - Increase Foot Traffic
What if you could get more visitors in store. You can with those who find you online. 50% visit a store within a day of searching on a smartphone!
03 - Social Media
Social media is a great way to pinpoint and target your ideal demographic. This can enhance your other business building activities and snowball your success.
04 - Remarketing
Advertise to people who are already highly interested but not yet bought - the perfect target customers! With our remarketing, you can!
05 - Return On Investment
Full track your conversions so you can see just how much money you're making with every dollar you spend. We'll get you results you can measure.
  • Jason Dalessio
    I have been thoroughly impressed by the service received from the team at Digital Domination. We have already had positive feedback from many potential clients on the quality and professionalism of our website.
    Jason Dalessio
  • Sarah Kinsey
    When it comes to our Digital Strategy, there's no better people to strategise with than the team at Digital Domination. I now don't have to worry about minor details as I know they're all taken care of. Simply brilliant.
    Sarah Kinsey

    Are you getting frustrated by your current results?

    Perhaps you’re already running an AdWords or Facebook PPC campaign now. Are you getting the number of leads you want and need? Are your leads of a high quality?

    If you’re not getting the best results, don’t have control over your accounts and your current provider’s fees are not transparent – it’s time for a change. Your digital marketing success is too important and carries too much profit potential not to do what’s best for your business.

    We perform frequent and in-depth analysis on all of your important business metrics. Your account analyst optimizes your accounts to get you the best results while still making certain you have total control.

    You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. To experience the delicious frustration of a constantly ringing phone and an inbox stuffed with new leads, call us today and put us to the test.

    More quality leads, more new customers and a steady stream of income – let Digital Domination put your business on the front lines of web marketing today!