Knowing what to do next is half the battle with Facebook(TM) Ads .

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“The audit that Steve and his team conducted provided a lot of great insight that reassured us about what we were doing right and also opportunities that we were potentially missing out on. 

AARON KOO // Co-Founder @ The Hydra Brand 

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The answers are often in the data.

Creating an Ad is easy.

Creating Ads that convert is much harder.

1. Audience 

Finding the right people who will part with their hard earned money is critical.

Recently we were contacted by a business owner who had their marketing manager create multiple ad campaigns and ads.

After spending $10,000 they made ZERO SALES...

This isn't uncommon. In fact... we'd say it's the norm.

Many people believe advertising is easy until they try it themselves and realise there's a lot that goes into creating effective ads.

That's where we come in.

2. Outreach (The Ads)

Images play a big role in getting attention and this isn't a mystery. But the words you use, where you use them and how you speak to different audiences, play a bigger role than you might think.

3. Experience

What happens after someone clicks on your ad will have the biggest impact on conversions. Knowing what to look for and how to fix it is critical for success.

There are only 3 reasons ads succeed or fail.

Most people hate data.

Many people struggle to interpret data.

BUT Understanding the data is the single most important skill a Facebook Advertising Specialist has because data tells the story of what is happening and why it is happening.

We love the data.

In fact... we love every aspect of Facebook advertising.

Ready to improve your results?

An Advertising audit simply allows our Facebook Advertising Specialists to look over your account and see what is working, what isn't and what could be improved.

We then share our findings with you in a 30-45 minute Zoom screen share meeting.

From there, you can decide to make the improvements yourself or you can request a proposal from us to do it for you.

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