Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Work Right Now

digital marketing strategies

Every business needs great digital marketing strategies. Here are 5 that you can employ right now.

No matter what kind of business you're in, you've got a great opportunity ahead of you. With all the available options to connect with our potential customers, we're now overwhelmed with too much choice. Lets dive into these digital marketing strategies and work out a plan for your business.

So you could choose to do a bit of everything, but that won't work. Or you could choose 1 channel for your digital marketing and create a strategy to dominate that channel.

Digital Marketing Strategy Number 1: Choose One Channel

There's always going to be another bright shiny object for you to chase down the rabbit hole but if you want to succeed, you'll choose just one channel to focus on.

Why only one channel?

It takes a lot of time and energy to focus on more than one channel.

Think about it;

  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Blab
  • Periscope
  • Snapchat

Good grief!

These channels can all extend your business so you get in front of your customers. But to use each to a point where you're getting the maximum effect would be insane! You'd require a whole army behind you to accomplish that.

Or you could choose to do what so many others do (and I've been guilty of this in the past). Go thin on all channels. Never make a dent because you simply don't have the time. All you're doing is scratching the surface and if that's all you do, you'll never land your next great client.

The whole point of these channels is for you to connect with potential customers and draw them towards your products and services.

Fans, followers, likes, engagement, connections, views… they don't matter UNLESS you are making sales!

So cut it out! Stop chasing the next big thing!

Find out where your audience is and what medium you're most comfortable using, then choose that channel.

You'll save countless hours, plus everyone who does discover you will be grateful because you'll be able to deliver the best of you at all times.

So consider the amount of time you can spend on your digital marketing and build your strategy around that. Choosing one channel will help!

Digital Marketing Strategy Number 2: Create your unique advantage.

Customers have an unprecedented capacity to compare everything you offer with your competitors, at an instant. So right now, it's more important than ever to create a unique advantage and position yourself in a way that is highly attractive to your customer over your competition.

Your unique advantage could take shape in hundreds of ways.

You could be different on price, but that's simply a race to the bottom and one you ultimately don't want to win.

So how else could you differentiate yourself from your competitor other than price?

Here are just a few ideas to create your unique advantage

Signature systems

Nothing makes you more unique than you own signature system. After all, it simply can't be copied if you do it well. No matter who tries they will never have the exact same signature system as you do.

We do this in our agency. We have a signature system that achieves results in 30 days. It's like a digital makeover for our clients and one that no other agency can replicate because we take steps no other agency takes.


Include something your competitors don't.

Zappos introduced a 365 day refund policy. Whaaaaat? Yep, and it worked. This risk reversal unique advantage help buyers overcome their fear of purchasing shoes online that Zappos had phenomenal growth.



Did you ever buy a Swatch?

Swatch was in competition with cheap watch vendors and decided that instead of trying to compete on price, they positioned themselves as leaders of ‘fashion watches'.

Swatch is a $24 Billion dollar company making over $9 Billion dollars in sales each year.

Owning a Niche

Just because you sell a similar product or service, doesn't mean you can't go further into the niche. A local home design company did just that by being the only dedicated solar dwellings business in the city.

If you want a sustainable passive solar home, then they're the only choice.


Everyone loves a good offer. So creating an offer will often set you apart from your competitors. Don't take the easiest option (price) – Groupon type services can make you sales, but you might regret it. Instead, consider how you can package up different pieces of your service to create a bundle of value.

Specific problem solving

While you might be in a particular industry, there's bound to be other problems that arise for all your customers.

Consider other problems you might solve that would tick the box for your customers. A real estate agent who also includes a garden makeover pre-sale would be a great incentive for home owners wanting to sell. Or what about a builder who includes a furniture removal service to help you move in?


Most industries copy each others guarantees which makes this an easy one to do if you're up for it. If you do the maths and back your business, why not offer a guarantee that is too good to refuse?

Customer service

Some businesses spend thousands on customer service and they enter themselves in industry awards primarily to win Customer Service Awards. When they do that consistently, they have undeniable proof that they look after their customers more than their competitors.

What a great line to throw out there in every single sales meeting.


Innovation is what made Apple the richest company on the planet. The iPod then iPhone and iPad were all giant leaps of innovation. All that linked to an ecosystem that today is worth Billions.

If you're an innovator, there's a huge opportunity for you to be unique and give yourself an unfair advantage of the competition.

First, Fastest, Biggest

These are great descriptive words that can position yourself in the market place in a positive way. There's only going to be one ‘First', ‘Fastest' or ‘Biggest' so if that's you then you may as well advertise it.


If you have the ability to be where no one else is, then you can give yourself a unique advantage over your competition and capture market share. One of the products I love is this chicken caravan.  Daniel decided to market his product on YouTube which gives him the unique advantage of greater exposure than his competitors.

Who would have thought 120,000 people would be so interested in chicken caravans!

So no matter what you're doing in your marketplace, consider how you can set yourself apart from your competitors to create your unique advantage.

Digital Marketing Strategy Number 3: Focus on Conversions.

So many people forget that their business is only in business because they convert prospective customers to customers. With all the distractions available with social media these days and new exciting ‘opportunites' it's easy to lose sight of what is important.

So lets break it down a little;

  • Facebook – engagement isn't a conversion
  • Twitter – followers isn't a conversion
  • SEO – site visitors isn't a conversion
  • YouTube – views isn't a conversion

All of these metrics can be important if they're part of your overall strategy, but don't get caught up with vanity metrics.

If you're getting people to your website, are they converting into a lead? Are they turning into paying customers?

If not, then you've got a problem.

It's time to pay attention to why people aren't converting into a sale.

Ask yourself, why are so many people coming to your website, but not buying?

It's an important question.

If you ask it often enough, you'll get frustrated by it. But don't let your frustration turn into ignoring the importance of cracking the code and making your site visitors buy from you.

There are many strategies you could consider and we go through many of these in our Pathway to Profit program – but here are a few;

  1. Consider what your audience is looking for then make that easier to find.
  2. Improve the navigation of your website, leading to your best offer.
  3. Consider using heatmaps so you can see exactly what your customers do and don't look at.
  4. Start building a relationship with your prospective customers first – then lead them gently to your sales offer. Email is great for this. So get their email address!

No matter what you're doing online, you're expending a lot of energy if people aren't converting. So fix your conversion problem first – then go about building more awareness and drawing more people to your website.

You'll find it a lot less frustrating and you'll probably get the jump on your competition and leave them guessing how on earth you're smashing them in sales.

Digital Marketing Strategy Number 4: Be consistent.

In fact, you could say that if you followed that one rule in every area of your business, you've given yourself a great framework for success.

So when it comes to marketing and getting your business in front of the eyeballs of your prospective customer, consistency is key.

Have a think about how often you consistently see a hardware stores street sign. You might not want any hardware that day, or next week or even next month. But when you do, that sign pops into your minds eye and you go and visit.

Digital is the same.

It's great when people hear about you and visit your website and buy immediately, but that's not too common. However, if you consistently appear in front of prospective customers, the likelihood of them buying from you when it's time to buy, is much much higher.

Another reason for consistency is the concept of touch points.

A touch point is when someone comes into contact with your brand or business. So in the case of the hardware store, you're getting a daily touch point when you drive past the sign.

Have you ever eaten at McDonald's? As much as the food might disgust you, chances are you have. Their regular touch points in their advertising and their strategically placed stores are a big driver in their success.

Touch points build awareness and most marketers agree that it takes between 10 – 18 touch points before a customer will do business with you. (Pre-Internet, the number was closer to 7).

So that puts even more emphasis on sticking with what you're doing and regularly putting out content and ads and social media updates or emailing your customers or whatever it is you choose to do.

As I said previously in tip 1: Do one thing and do it well. Now I'd like to add; And do it consistently.

Digital Marketing Strategy Number 5: Break Points.

Break points is a concept we use in the agency to identify and correct any areas of a digital strategy that are currently broken.

Watch the video as I explain more on the subject.

Because this is a pretty deep topic, it's worth a bit more attention than a 2 minute video.

For this reason, I put together a more detailed video that you can watch to get some insights into how to identify your break points quickly, and then how you can go about fixing those break points.

If you'd like to tweak (or totally fix) your digital strategy – watch the video by clicking here.