Content Marketing

Content is king

Earn their trust and you earn their business
What’s the most powerful form of sales? It’s word of mouth.

Because when someone you know recommends a product, service or company, you tend to believe them – because of the trust that you have with them.

Trust is one of the most important qualities a business can create with its target audience. This is especially true on the web. Trust breeds cash flow.

That’s why content marketing is so vital for your business.

How content marketing makes a difference

What do people want most from the internet? They want information – useful, valuable and free information. That's where great content comes in.

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Know, Like & trust


Great content isn't enough.

But Through clever and consistent promotion of content that is valuable to your potential customers, your audience will come to know about you and your products and services.


The more people enjoy the content you publish, the more likely they are to engage you directly and to share your content with their friends.

This is more than just a 'Like' on Facebook. This is someone aligning with your message and brand.


Over time, prospective customers begin to trust you, because you're giving them information that is relevant and helpful to them.

Once trust is borne, prospects are ready to become customers.


Digital Domination builds your bridges of trust. We’ll make sure they know you, like you and trust you.

does This sound like You?

“I know we should be updating our website. We should be on YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest – but I just don’t have the time. It sure would be nice if our customers already knew and trusted us before they made a purchase. I know content marketing is important, but I’m too busy and too lost to know where to begin.”

Are you so busy running your business and managing your life that you don’t have time to create and publish content online?

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of trying to dip your toe effectively into these confusing but profitable waters?
we'll Lighten The Weight

Digital Domination is here to help. We’ll manage your content creation and marketing campaigns for you. We will:

• Frequently update your website with useful content and blogs.
• Create valuable Facebook and other social media posts that engage your customers and create trust.
• Use the incredible power of video marketing and YouTube to reach out and connect with your audience in a way that they really respond to.
• Use articles, forums and other free internet resources to create useful content and links to your website.
• Build bridges of trust between your existing and new customers and your business.
• Expertly and accurately leverage the trust we create to generate revenue for your company.

The secret is value

Use us to unlock your income potential.

With our hands-on experience, we’ve learned how to use new web pages, multi-media, images, text and internet resources to create awareness and trust for our clients. We understand how to provide your customers with true value, not just constantly sell to them.

Our content creation and marketing strategies include content that is SEO (search engine optimized). We create effective calls to action to draw your interested customers ever closer and use powerful and valuable content to keep them loyal.

  • Jason Dalessio
    I have been thoroughly impressed by the service received from the team at Digital Domination. We have already had positive feedback from many potential clients on the quality and professionalism of our website.
    Jason Dalessio
  • Sarah Kinsey
    When it comes to our Digital Strategy, there's no better people to strategise with than the team at Digital Domination. I now don't have to worry about minor details as I know they're all taken care of. Simply brilliant.
    Sarah Kinsey